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Need Furniture Refinishing Company in Kansas City, MO

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Do you refinish services for your furniture in Kansas City? We are a team of experts with years of experience in the field. Call us for any kind of antique furniture refinishing, repairs, or structural damage repair. We offer both residential and commercial furniture refinishing services bringing them back to their authentic look. Make a call to our experts today for an estimate!

    Furniture Refinishing Kansas City

    Furniture Refinishing Kansas cityFurniture is an important part of your house not only because it serves a practical purpose, but also it plays a major role in your home’s decoration and interior. Also, if you own antique furniture pieces or family heirlooms, they have a sentimental value to you as well. We realize how important your furniture is to you, and therefore, we have come up with high-quality Furniture Refinishing Kansas City services according to your requirements and budget.

    Our experienced craftsmen provide all kinds of furniture services including refinishing, repair, and refurbishing to keep your furniture look good as new. Consider us before thinking about replacing your whole furniture set and spending money on them. Contact us for scheduling an appointment.

    Kansas City Furniture Refinishing and Refurbishing

    Furniture Refinishing and RefurbishingIf your furniture is losing its authentic look and feel, don’t worry. It’s quite natural for old furniture and antiques to suffer from damage or stains. We offer a thorough cleanup before processing the refinishing of your furniture. Our quality craftsmanship is what has made us one of the most popular furniture experts in Kansas City, MO. So, don’t get panicked to see stains or spots on your furniture. Call the ones that are qualified for the job and sit back to see the difference.

    We work closely with you to bring back the condition of antiques or your heirloom to its original condition as much as possible. Our process is unique and proven while our craftsmen hold certifications as a proof of their excellence. We will take care of any kind of damage that has been done to your pieces. Fixes like water spots, gouges, broken legs, loose hinges, and plenty of other problems have been taken care of by our professionals for years. Most importantly, for a complete refinishing and refacing on your furniture to get rid of the spots and stains, there is no one better than us. Anyway if you want to do it yourself  at your home, you can try our step by step guide on how to glaze your furniture?

    Our Furniture Refinishing Services:

    • Sanding or Stripping
    • Gap Filling
    • Stain Removal
    • Restoration
    • Alternative Refinishing

    Furniture Refinishing Overland Park

    As part of restoring your antique’s state back to its original one, we move the piece off-site so that your home doesn’t suffer from any damage. However, minor changes are often done on-site by our workers. They carefully inspect your furniture to determine what needs to be done and then clean it with the most environment friendly elements. Any spots or stains are removed at this stage.

    If your antique has suffered from any structural issues, we will do a refinishing, repair, or refabrication if needed. Our process is simple and unique and doesn’t take a lot of your time. By trusting us, you will be able to see your furniture getting back to life one more time.

    Sanding or Stripping

    In order to refinish your furniture’s surface, we must take off the layers of old paint first. Either one of these two processes are good to go if you are willing to paint your pieces. However, these are tricky methods which only a professional service provider like us must perform. Call us for your refinishing project today.

    Gap Filling

    Did your furniture suffer from any water or storm damage? Are the gaps visible on your furniture? While there are several options for gap filling, our expert craftsmen are compatible with performing all of them to the sake of your furniture. They will do it the way no one could ever imagine if there was a gap in the first place.

    Stain Removal

    It’s natural for your furniture or upholstery to have stains. Various stain removers are out there nowadays where some of them are really effective. Although it doesn’t look like you need professional help initially, it is good to have a backup like us in case anything goes wrong. Do call us for any stain removal needs.


    Before refinishing, we must inspect your furniture for any damages. If there is a missing piece on your furniture, it must be fixed first. Fortunately, our quality furniture refinishing Kansas City experts are capable of handling everything without giving you something to be concerned about. Let us go through all the hassle for your sake.

    Alternative Refinishing

    Other than regular finishing methods, we can do some unique ones like wax, lacquer, and many more. It totally depends on your pieces how we should handle them. Other than that, providing the best quality based on your budget sometimes allows us to go for different refinishing techniques. We can give you the best furniture service experience.

    As you want the best quality from your furniture refinishing Kansas City experts, we offer to do more than that. Our quality craftsmanship and years of service record in the area puts us in front of most of the refinishing and repair experts in this area. With numerous service areas covered, we are your best choice for residential and commercial furniture refinishing services in Kansas City. The job is done by a wise team of experts who can understand your need better than anyone else. Whether it is the damage to your furniture that has been bothering you or just a tiny stain, we will make sure you are satisfied with our services.

    A great quality service often comes with a big price. Though we don’t guarantee a total cheap service, we won’t charge you unreasonably either. Unlike us, cheap services don’t offer a great quality. If you contact us, we will most likely give you an estimate to stay on top of the budget and once you agree, we will start our processing. We know what you expect from us.

    Call your furniture refinishing Kansas City experts for a premium service and stay satisfied with your home or office furniture, especially your family heirlooms and antiques.