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Looking For Furniture Restoration Service in Kansas City, MO ?

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Are you looking for a high-quality furniture restoration service for your modern or antique furniture? Do you want your furniture to get its former condition back? We provide residential and commercial furniture restoration in Kansas City, MO refurbishing your furniture and make it look good as new. Call us for any kind of furniture repair or restoration service.

    Furniture Restoration Kansas City

    furniture restoration kansas city MOAs time goes by, your antique or high-quality furniture will naturally sustain some damage. Home furniture gets damages like scratches, water rings, paint fading, etc. that needs to be dealt with in order to keep its original state. Office furniture also cannot be saved from daily damages due to heavy usage. Besides, furniture that you keep in storage generally degrades due to its surroundings.

    Our Furniture Restoration Kansas City services will save you from losing your furniture’s antique and natural look by performing refurbish methods. With years of experience, our experts are confident in their work, and we look forward to delivering the best service in Kansas City and its surrounding areas. Contact us for any inquiry.

    Antique Furniture Restoration Kansas City

    furniture restoration kansas city,moYou may have cherished a family heirloom. As a result, you have a collection of antique furniture that you need to look after. Other than that, you may also acquire or buy a piece from someone. No matter where it came from, your antique furniture’s longevity must be restored to keep its value. However, if you are looking for an antique furniture restoration Kansas City expert, you must keep it in mind that not all of them have what it takes to work with antique furniture. Our professionals are trained and have a lot of experience in dealing with these. It doesn’t matter how old your antique piece is, our dedicated experts can use proven techniques combined with modern processes to restore your antique furniture back to its previous condition.

    For a long time, our furniture restoration team has been dealing with residential and commercial furniture that includes removing stains, damaged paint, dirt removal, structural damage repair, etc. If your antique furniture has suffered an extensive structural damage, the piece can be rebuilt by our experts. We can replicate the original style and work for building that.

    Call us for antique furniture restoration in Kansas City, MO. We provide 24/7 services, so you will find us for any sort of emergency.

    Furniture Repair and Restoration

    Though they both sound similar, furniture repair focuses on restoring the functionality of your piece while restoration works on renewing the look and aesthetics of your furniture. In both cases, solving your furniture issues is the primary goal. Restoration is a rather time-consuming job that requires professional touch and a proper process.

    We provide both repair and restoration services in Kansas City and its surrounding areas. You can easily get yourself a consultation with us for your furniture restoration Kansas City needs. Here is DIY faded wood furniture restoration tutorial. You can try this 🙂

    Our Furniture Restoration Services:


    We apply overcoating on your furniture’s old finish by applying a stain that matches the previous one to the worn spots and to the whole surface. Our experts can do a clear finishing by waxing and applying the overcoating fully to restore your modern or antique furniture’s beauty. It is one of the best techniques of furniture restoration.


    Antique furniture often suffers from extensive structural damage that cannot be altered unless rebuilt. If you have a piece where a part of it is fully damaged, we can replicate its original look and rebuild one for you. We will guide you through a process where you will be convinced that it’s totally possible. We ensure quality and maintain integrity.


    It is a technique that is used when your furniture has large scratches, burns, holes, or any other major damage. Patching can repair the finishing of your furniture. Our team can apply stick patching to match the stain and finishing of your furniture. After we are done with the process, you will rediscover your furniture as if nothing ever happened.


    Does it bother you that your home or office furniture has dirt or soil in it? While it is completely natural, you can contact experts like us to take care of this problem. Our effective cleaners can take away the dirt without damaging the paint and finishing. Our furniture repair Kansas City experts are good at furniture cleaning and bringing back the natural look.

    Structural Restoration-

    Your furniture’s longevity and quality depends on the structure. Whenever there is structural damage, you need to make sure you contact a furniture restoration expert. Our team can help you by determining the source of the problem and solve it to restore its safety, function, and aesthetic. Repairing structural damage is one of our specialties.

    Finish Restoration-

    If your furniture has scratches or water spots, chances are, the finishing is ruined. We cannot explain enough how important it is to maintain your furniture’s finishing. Our experts can provide solutions like reamalgamation, patching, or overcoating to ensure your piece’s finishing is stored back and it looks good as new.

    Is it important to look for a good company for your furniture restoration needs? Well, you need a pair of expert hands if you have antique furniture in your home or office. For modern furniture as well, not all the companies can deal with them properly. Ours is a team that has years of experience in fixing furniture of residential and commercial places and has been a favorite in the Kansas City area. We have dealt with heirlooms and antiques, modern furniture, and a huge variety of other furniture to fix different kinds of issues from minor problems to restoring severe damage.

    One of the main reasons why you should choose us is, we can return your furniture back to its former condition while keeping the original look in mind. Severely damaged furniture needs to be rebuilt as you cannot restore them. So, our experiences come in handy in that case. If you have recently suffered from fire or storm damage, your furniture needs to be inspected by a team like us to estimate how much repair is needed. Call us for any kind of restoration if you want the integrity of your furniture to be sustained.