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How To Restore Faded Wood Furniture – Easy Tips and ways

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How To Restore Faded Wood Furniture easy tips

Furniture is the ornament of a house. It has an aesthetic appeal and exotic appearance, which enhances the interior beauty of the home. Furniture makes your house more attractive and adorable.

If you use furniture for a long time, gradually it will get old and fade away one time. It doesn’t matter how carefully you try to protect it; it may become dull. It’s a matter of great concern.

We are providing some essential information about how to restore faded wood furniture, which will help you remove your anxiety.

By following a few things you can try to restore the original look of wood furniture.

Follow these easy steps to restore faded wood furniture-

Step 1: A Good Cleaning- Cleaning is the first step in restoring furniture. You need to use oil soap or a cleaning agent to remove grime, dust, and other pollutes attached to the surface. After cleaning nicely two or three times, you have to wait until dry.

Step 2: Stripping The Wood- Most of the time, old wood furniture has some type of paint, scratch, or stain that needs to be stripped off before restoring it. It can be done in different ways. As you may use a citrus stripper, chemical strippers to remove old paint and stain, or you can sand the old finish off.

  • Citrus Stripping: Citrus stripping is safer than most other chemical strips. It works on paint, varnish, and poly. It has a good citrus scent and is easy to paint on.
  • Chemical stripper: This liquid is perfect for getting into nooks and crannies, and it completely dissolves the old finish, making it ready for sanding.

Step 3: Sanding- Sanding comes after striping. By sanding, you can take your furniture back to its natural good look. It removes the final traces of the stain. It helps to make the furniture as smooth as possible.

Step 4: Staining And Polishing- Staining means changing the wood color from light to dark and making the old stained furniture stained.
Polishing is a fair finishing process that gives furniture a glossy look.

Step 5: Oiling And Waxing- Oiling and Waxing is also a nice way of finishing furniture. These keep furniture sheeny and smooth.

Step 6: Protection Of The Furniture- After restoring, we have to protect the furniture. Sealing the furniture is the best option to do it. You can use a variety of sealants. It is a personal choice, and it depends on the type of wood with you working.


You have to be very careful when using the sealant, stains, and other chemical products. These things can be flammable or toxic. So you have to take proper protection during work time.


Refinishing any furniture is a work of great patience. If it seems very hard, you can take help from us. We have Professional woodworkers and restorers. You can take any kind of solution from here for any type of problem with your furniture.

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