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Need Used Office Furniture in kansas City, MO

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All Furniture Services Kansas City is proud to serve the community of Missouri and surrounding areas. You will find the best quality Used and Old Office Furniture here with a reliable price. Check our all services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any quotes. We are available 24/7.

    Used Office Furniture Kansas City

    Used office furniture

    Outfitting an office with the right furniture can send a message to employees and clients alike, giving your brand a more sharp and professional image. As most business owners know, though, new office furniture doesn’t come cheap.

    If you want to save on office decor without sacrificing quality, you may want to think about investing in pre-owned furniture. At Used Office Furniture Kansas City, we specialize in helping businesses to create a professional-looking space without going over budget. So, contact us for any enquiry.

    Why We Are The Best?

    Located in the heart of Kansas City, we help local businesses to build their image with our range of affordable, pre-owned professional furnishings. You can choose from a wide range of desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and much more. We sell high end used furniture in Kansas City, MO for offices, administrative buildings, retail spaces, and other business needs.

    At Used Office Furniture Kansas City, we go beyond the services that most pre-owned furniture stores offer. We’ll help you plan your office space and pick out the perfect pieces to turn your vision into a reality. We also offer delivery, expert installation, and warranties on all furniture.

    What Used Furniture Do We Sell?

    • Office Desks
    • Office Chairs
    • Conference Tables
    • Filing Cabinets and Safes
    • Storage

    Office Desks

    Desks act as the main workspace for just about any office employee, from entry-level to management. You can choose between standard, straight desks, or take advantage of corner space with an L-shaped desk.

    The style of desk that you choose will usually depend on who’s working behind it, as well as space constraints within your office space. The main types of desk that you’ll find in any office space include:

    • Managerial Desks: Usually larger and grander than other desks in the office, a managerial desk indicated who’s in charge.
    • Executive Desks: Often, these desks are larger than average to accommodate for the many tasks an executive needs to accomplish each day. 
    • Standing Desks: Height-adjustable desks are increasingly popular these days thanks to their many health benefits.
    • Floating Desk: For a clean, sleek look, you can install your desks directly into the wall. 
    • Computer Desk: The most common desk in most offices, computer desks are designed to house a computer, a monitor, a keyboard, and all the wires that come along with the setup.
    • Writing Desk: This is the most basic type of desk. If it has any extra features, it’s most often a simple cabinet or drawer for storage.

    Office Chairs

    Many office workers would argue that the chair is more important than the desk when it comes to furnishings. Office chairs come in a wide variety of designs, and it’s important to find options that are both comfortable and functional. The main types of chairs that you see in an office environment include:

    • Executive Chairs: These are most often paired with managerial or executive desks. They tend to have higher backs than other chairs and include features such as padding, armrests, or even a leather finish. 
    • Conference Chairs: Unlike other office chairs, these are typically not adjustable and come unpadded. They’re most often reserved for short meetings. 
    • Task Chairs: The most common type of office chair, these typically have wheels and are lightly lined for all-day comfort. Some are designed in an ergonomic shape to offer back and neck support.

    Conference Tables

    Most office workers are no stranger to all-hands meetings. However, it can be hard to maintain order without a designated meeting space. Many offices have a dedicated conference table that’s large enough to seat multiple people for training seminars, morning meetings, and more. Conference tables are most often made of solid wood, though you can find more modern industrial designs as well.

    Filing Cabinets and Safes

    If your office generates paperwork, you need somewhere safe to store it. Filing cabinets are a staple in just about any office, as they keep important documents securely locked away and organized. A filing cabinet makes it easier to look up information without having to sift through piles of paperwork. For sensitive data, you can find filing safes with additional security such as a combination lock.


    Papers aren’t the only thing that you need space for in an office. You also need space to store supplies such as pens and pencils, staplers, and more. You can find bookcases and shelving to match the rest of your office furniture, giving you a way to remove clutter from workspaces. 

    Extra Services

    Here at Used Office Furniture Kansas City, we do much more than just sell office decor. Our experts are here to help you along every step of the redecorating process. We can help you map out your space to maximize efficiency, mix and match different styles, and choose the best available pieces for your setup.

    We also offer delivery for all furniture to spare you the hassle of having to transport bulky or heavy desks, conference tables, and more. We’ll transport your furniture anywhere within the Kansas City area and help you to set it up inside your office. We’ll even assemble and install furniture if requested.

    Unlike many other used furniture services, we offer warranties on everything so that you can be confident in your purchase. If you find anything wrong with your pre-owned furniture, we’ll repair, replace, or refund the cost with no hidden fees.

    If you live outside of the Kansas City area, you can visit one of our other locations for an equal level of service and selection. Used Furniture Overland Park, KS, serves businesses in and around the Overland Park area.

    In Conclusion:

    Used Office Furniture Kansas City is your one-stop-shop for all pre-owned office furniture, from reception desks to cubicle walls. Our experts can help you to plan out a professional space that will impress clients and motivate employees. We strive for superior customer service, offering everything from delivery to installation, and more. If you’re looking for used furniture in the Kansas City area, drop by today to see our selection.